About Howard Realty in Charleston, WV

High Quality, Affordable Housing Rentals Since 1960

Founded in 1960, Howard Realty is family owned and operated. From our beginning, we have sought to provide individuals and families throughout the Charleston, WV area with comfortable and modern housing rental options. When we started our company, we saw an opportunity and a need for high quality home and apartment rentals. It has always been our goal to provide rentals at an affordable price and we continue to do so.

We offer rentals to fit every budget and lifestyle, including one, two, three, and four bedroom units. We are proud to provide both short and long term rentals options, as well as pet-friendly units. No matter how long you are a tenant with us, we are attentive to your needs and are committed to providing you with a space you can call home.

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Whether you currently live in a complex and are looking to buy a house, or just want to upgrade to a nicer unit, we have the apartments and homes to fit your needs.

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Our company has always been well received in our community, and we are known for our dependability and reliability. Each of our rental properties are conveniently located in Charleston’s Historic East Side. and to ensure everything is always running efficiently, we have a small construction crew on staff at all times. Many of our team members have been with the company upwards of 30 years.

In addition, we received the National Home Builders Association Award for multi-family construction in 1987.

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